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The name Ingrid was given by her parents as tribute to the actress and
movie star Ingrid Bergman, who was her father's favorite.
Ingrid's parents ran a movie theatre in a small city near Parma and
Reggio Emilia, an area known as the cradle of Italian music, either
classical or modern. Ingrid grew up watching movies and listening to
sound tracks which, as herself declares, had a major influence on her
decision to become a singer. Movies sparked off Ingrid's imagination
and fueled her ambition and desire to convey all her strong emotions
to as many people as possible. Ingrid's artistic path started with
painting and acting but soon singing turned out to be her most
powerful form of expression. She began with piano-bar, musicals and
local jazz bands, but soon her soft and unique voice, together with an
incredible capacity of interact with audience during her shows,
brought her to meet the famous dance music producers Larry Pignagnoli
and Marco Soncini. They offered Ingrid to write the lyrics and sing
their brand new tune, and soon "Tu es foutu" came to life.

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Soft Grid Corolla (Coloured Vinyl)

Soft Grid

Corolla (Coloured Vinyl)

VÖ-Datum: 30.09.2016
Label: antime
  • LP Germany
    LP Germany
  • House
  • ANTIME018
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