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Hologram Hookers



I first started producing my own tracks around 1995. I bought a Yamaha SY85 synth/workstation. I had no clue about music production but i knew i needed a sequencer and this had it all. I could record 8 tracks including drums and make complete songs and arrangements. Over the next couple of years i added more midi instruments and drum machines to my set up. My pride and joy was a Roland JP8000, a big phat virtual analog synth. I?d midi it up to the sy85 and spend hours just turning knobs and squelching up basslines. Thats stuck with me through the years? i just cant resist tweaking knobs while i have loops running.
My motivation for wanting to produce came from listening to music coming out on Warp Records, hearing the sound of Detroit techno and realizing electronic music can be beautiful, timeless and indeed soulful. I cant forget acid, personally i think acid was the first form of techno, you only have to listen to Phuture?s Acidtracks from 1986 to realize what a groundbreaking, pioneering, futuristic track this was.

I?ve made tracks under loads of various name over the years, but currently im recording under Hologram Hookers and girl_robot. I?d say the girl_robot tracks are a harder faster style of acid, where as my HH tracks can range from tech house, 90?s detroit sounding techno with pads and strings to straight up acid.

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Various Artists ACID 30 TRAX Celebrating 30 Years of ACID House

Various Artists

ACID 30 TRAX Celebrating 30 Years of ACID House

VÖ-Datum: 11.12.2017
Label: Chicago Trax

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