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harry axt



Harry Axt first emerged as an artist in 2004 and made waves with his first release on Grand Petrol, "Harry Axt… spielt auf der Schnorchelsäge". Early on, the unique combination of slick sounds and an unmistakable, cutting humor defined (and continues to define) his music. The next couple of years gave way to more undeniably ingenious releases on leftroom, Kiddaz.fm, and rompecabeza. The natural progression to a full album was actualized in March 2009 with his release "Planet Axt" on Rompecabeza. Never content with spending all his time in the studio, Harry’s DJ sets are renowned for tearing up a crowd no matter what time of night, and notorious for taking things to the next level. Luckily this year there will be enough opportunities to hear both Harry Axt’s newest productions and club sets to satisfy even the most dedicated dance floor devotee.

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Harry Axt Altes Eisen Ep

harry axt

Altes Eisen Ep

VÖ-Datum: 29.09.2015
Label: arms & legs
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