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Goncalo M



GONCALO M is actuality one of the best Techno djs from Portugal. He was born on March 25th of 1978, in Portugal. He started his DJ career in 1997, strongly influenced by the electronic music and the djs of that time.

Since then, he has Djed all over Portugal. His sets are full of energy and strength from the first moment to the last. His style is dynamic, full of percussions and yet at the same time very groovy and hard. His taste in music is very refined. He has played in the best clubs and Events in Portugal, and played in contries like Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, France, Venezuela and Brazil.

He started his producer career in 2002, he has 4 tracks on cd released in "Dance Club" (Portuguese Dance Magazine). Goncalo M founded his own label with Mario Henriques (Huma-noyd) in 2004, we're speaking of Intuition Recordings Portugal in which you can find the first release "Techno Intuition".

In the year 2006 Goncalo M releases “Main eVolution ep” with Portuguese Label Naked Lunch, and got someone attention. 2007 he releases tracks in international labels like, loukoum rec and kamikaze rec, and 2008 it’s a big year for releases and in April he releases in Yin Yang rec, Pedro Delgardo´s label. Goncalo M keeps releasing in the following years.

Expect the unexpected from this great artist!!!

2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.    

2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.