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One of the most eagerly anticipated and prolific producers of the moment, Glimpse is a true innovator who is able to explore and master various genres in his own inimitable style. Few artists have managed to truly captivate diverse audiences in the way he has over the past few years. The London-based producer is blurring the distinctions of traditional genres, appealing to even the most obstinate listeners through his tireless dedication to continual reinvention. Having bubbled steadily through the ranks of the underground dance scene for the past few years, Glimpse has released records with carl craig’s Planet E, cadenza, kindisch and Buzzin Fly in 2009 alone and his outstanding debut artist album ‘Runner’ will be released on damian lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels in May 2010. His productions are a beguiling, heady mix of house music drawing on the true essence of its rudimentary influences to produce records of true magic. Managing to weave elements of jazz and soul with house and Techno to create something wholly innovative and mesmerizing, Glimpse has recently been identified by DJ Mag and Mixmag as one of the UK’s finest talents. Preferring more traditional production techniques, he uses only analogue equipment and records most of his tracks live, editing only afterwards, thus giving his music a more improvised quality. “I have always been drawn to the smokey lo-fi aesthetic of old recordings, warm and rhythmical but never abrasive or intrusive,” explains Glimpse, “As an artist it's very important to me to be as honest as possible when I produce, to show people my influences and portray exactly the way I feel about music, aiming to narrow the gulf between thought and expression.”

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GLIMPSE work that body (shinedoe rmx)


work that body (shinedoe rmx)

VÖ-Datum: 25.10.2012
Label: intacto records amsterdam
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stojche spectrum ep (glimpse remix)


spectrum ep (glimpse remix)

VÖ-Datum: 01.07.2012
Label: dogmatik
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19 Artikel.      Du siehst: 16 bis 19.    Seiten:   12