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In 2009, Frequencerz had the opportunity to sign at Fusion Records, one of the major labels in the harder styles, which instantly boosted their name in the scene. With hit tracks like “Bitch”, “Attention” and “Revolution” they gain a lot of popularity, which resulted in the definite breakthrough in 2012. Throughout the years, Frequencerz have collaborated with many big producers like B-front and Zany.

Frequencerz can be considered as one of the top DJ’s and producers in the raw hardstyle scene. Performing at big events from the Netherlands to Australia, they succeed to present their unique sound to a broad audience. The ultimate highlight of Frequencerz was their closing set as B-freqz with B-front at Hardbass 2012.

With new tracks coming up and a lot of gigs in their schedule, Frequencerz are ready for new challenges in the upcoming years! Are you ready for them?