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ferry corsten



ferry corsten:
Ferry Corsten. 4 December 1973, Rotterdam City, The Netherlands. The Dutch harbor city Rotterdam was Ferry Corsten’s (28) playground when growing up and the city still is his current base of operations. Being a full-time producer since 1991 Ferry has developed into a true prodigy of the international dance scene. After initially producing some hardcore gabba tracks Ferry became more interested in clubhouse and Trance. In 1996 Ferry achieved a position in the U.K. single chart at #46 with ‘Don’t be Afraid’ by Moonman, his first major and European breakthrough as a solo dance Artist, producer & composer. In 1997 Ferry and his partner Robert Smit established the Tsunami dance label together with the Dutch based dance company Purple Eye Entertainment b.v. This collaboration would prove to be an almost instant success and eventually resulted in the creation of one of the most influential dance labels around today. These three parties have set up in the meantime a new label called Polar State. In February 1999 Ferry’s second solo project, system F, was released on the Tsunami imprint. The title ‘Out Of The Blue’ is a melodic and powerful twister and turned out to be one of the biggest trance track of 1999, achieved a top twenty position in the U.K. single chart and put Ferry on the world-wide dance map permanently.