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ergis was born on January the 7th of 1983 in a small village at the north of the spanish mediterranean coast. Before knowing techno he first listened to punk/hardcore bands as NOFX, Millencolin, Toy Dolls or Sex Pistols. He started playing techno and hardtechno and actually he is totally involved in the spanish Hardtechno/Schranz scene. His sets are pure energy and they are plenty of scratches and madnesses varied with the mixer. Fergis shared cabin with artists like Pet Duo , Frank Kvitta , Marco Remus , Sven Wittekind , Viper XXl , DJ Rush , Dj Lukas and at the moment he is one of the most well known hardtechno dj's in Spain. He is the hardtechno resident in Blau Club one of the bests clubs in Spain. During 2007 he started his own label called Killfatory Recordings and only in few months it became one of the mosts important labels in the international hardtechno scene.


He played in clubs like Eix Club,Raveland,La Sala del Cel,Blau Club,Mystic Club,Zoreks Club,Habitat Techno Club,Hypnotik Club , Trauma Rave , Krudel 09 , Zentral (Mallorca),Rachdingue,Technotràmec Festival,After + Festival , Bordils Parade, FABRIK , etc..He played in countries like Germany , Austria or Belgium in clubs and events like Cembrankeller , Criminal Camp Nature One , Soap Club , Jet Set Club.. Actually 2008 he released tracks on Domestic Violence where he wull have a full EP. He is working for next releases for labels like Schizofrenik , Cannibal Society , IRB and more.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.