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FCL represents the collaboration between Red D (Bart Van Neste), and San Soda (Nicolas Geysens).

Let’s avoid questions as to what FCL stands for: it’s the abbreviation and calling name for FC Leiejongens, a local football team in Deinze (home of WPH, near Ghent) where San Soda used to be a right-winger and Red D still is the goalkeeper... So now you already know who this outfit consists of. San Soda is the young and eager producer who has racked up one big release and remix after another since his debut in 2008, and Red D is the seasoned veteran who has been playing house music in its broadest sense all over Belgium and beyond since the early 90ies.

Their spiritual home is We Play House Recordings, the label set up by Red D in 2008 with the initial purpose to release music by San Soda exclusively. Since then the label has grown to become a home for more than just San Soda, releasing music by Reggie Dokes, Russ Gabriel, Sebastien San, DJ Yellow and Raoul Lambert amongst others. It was only logical that San Soda and Red D ended up in the studio together, hence the collaboration FCL.

The first studio work the pair indulged in was a remix for WPH 002 of ‘Highway’, a track by Belgians Maxim Lany and Ramon Tapia, shortly after followed by an edit of an old Reggie Dokes track for WPH 004. Some more remixes followed suit and it wasn’t long before ‘Vocals For Everyone’ hit the shops, the first full original E.P. of FCL on We Play House Recordings.

In 2011 the duo released a split E.P. on Delusions Of Grandeur with VFB, the moniker for the collaboration between Danilo Plessow of M.C.D.E. fame and Red D. This was backed up with more remix work for 2020 Vision amongst other. Early on in 2012 the duo released ‘More Vocals For Everyone E.P.’ on WPH, the much-anticipated follow-up to the ‘Vocals For Everyone E.P.’ To top of the year 2012 they released a beatless cover version of house classic ‘It’s You’ by ESP, which was only released on 150 copies, vinyl-only, and became an overnight club classic being played by Prosumer, Gerd Janson, Joy Orbison and many many more. Not a small achievement considering not a single kick drum has been used on the record.

On the gig front FCL have been plying their vinyl trade together or separately as San Soda and Red D all over Europe and beyond in the last years, including such club and festival standards as Panorama Bar, Trouw, Tomorrowland, Dimensions and many more. With ‘It’s You’ doing the rounds with all the big and smaller name DJ’s on the circuit 2013 is proving to be the busiest FCL year yet.