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EUGENE - the Real name Evgenie. The Secret weapon of russian techno.The bright and young representative of a techno-scene of Russian Federation. It is enamoured of electronic music since the childhood, its formation musical talent and taste directly is connected with influence of such cult musicians as Massive Attack, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy. Passion and the huge love to electronic music, has slowly flowed in producing of own tracks, later and to dj-ing. Its attention was involved with more rigid rhythms, a deep and massive sound, it was - the TECHNO, from this point on and to this day EUGENE with all the heart supports the TECHNO, in all its displays, always in search, always experimenting, try to find that golden mean of the TECHNO, without compromises and without commerce. In 2010 its works have been rewarded also talent is appreciated, signing of the contract with the Portuguese techno label Naked Lunch Records and release of two releases on collection VA - STRUCTURES in the company with such producers as A.PAUL, DJ SLOT, ANDREAS TEK that gives a new push to development of creative potential of Evgenie. EUGENE is that that new, at times not the clear, attracting and drawing, new vision, the new sound, the new epoch, new generation of the TECHNO!

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