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enzo elia



Its daily life is characterized by the passion for music. In the early 90?s he was influenced by the classics of the Motown and by the Italo Disco, and he finally get into dance in general. because of its passion for the rhythm of House Music and of Techno Detroit, he started moving its first steps as a dj when he was really young. He kept in contact with the fascinating world of ?Italian clubbing? and started playing in some famous discos as: ECU (RN), Mamamia (AN), Cellophane (RN). In 2005 he become also a producer. It?s the birth of Tall&Small project (Revox). In rapid succession he realizes two new projects: Elia Casetti Orchestra (YOUNGODdS Mantra Vibes) and Martin Patino and Enzo Elia (YOUNGODdS Mantra Vibes). In 2008 he moves to Berlin and his new projects are edits from perplex Rec, One Louder Berlin and Lion1music.