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Ego Valente



Born in Bulgaria, from an early age, Ego Valente is drawn to music having been influenced by the German electronic scene. He takes his first steps into DJing at only thirteen years old. He takes piano lessons, sings in the school choir and at a later stage moves permanently to Spain, where he is influenced by the local DJ’s and purchases his first professional DJ equipment. Six months down the line, Ego Valente tries his skill at local lounge bar Urban Puro, where he is instantly accepted. Afterwards he signs up for a production and mastering course with one of Spain’s most prominent DJ’s in the face of Alex del Amo (Studiotech). Four months after that Ego releases his first remix for upcoming label Technomafia (Alexander Fog), and he then releases another remix and his first EP ‘La Sabrosa’ which receives good reviews on the worldwide scene. He performs two remixes for his Australian friends Project Inertia and both make it to the top ten of the Low Pressing label chart. He then goes on to release with Usb Digital, Seaburn Records, Mdj Records and Sickbull Music and also has forthcoming releases with well known names such as Koleto Beatz, Lifelive Digital and Pitchbend Recordings. He is currently performing remixes for one of the members of ZhiVago (Celebrate the Love) and Walter Edlington who will be releasing with Freaking Fresh/Kontor New Media,soon Lifelive Digital,Soulfreak Records,Harkee Records and many other. He is also collaborating with Denied (Germany) and La Roca (Norway/Italy)....there will be more!