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Dynamik Dave



Somethings come easy for certain people and somethings do not, but as for David Williams as you know as "Dynamik Dave", deejay and producing House comes natural to him. He has always had the love for electronic dance music ever since he was young, until one day he went to "ultra" (one of the biggest electronic dance music events) after leaving there he knew what he wanted to pursue in his future career, to be the number 1 house producer. So he put his mind to work and started to produce house music. Every since then he's been producing and also doing gigs around the world and headlining at most of his events. You can tell a Dynamik Dave song when you hear it! It has its own unique style, you could classify it as what he like to call "sexy house music". It could Vary from a nice smooth techy sound with a lil minimal to some uplifting, soft sexy nice tribalish electro vibe that will wake you up and keep you moving! You could enjoy listening to from anywhere, your car driving to work or jamming to it in a club. And also dave was nominated one of the most fastest deejays/producers to come up in the electronic house music industry.