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DyNa aka Dynamike is one part of the Noisy Stylus Turntablism Crew and started Djing in ..97. After 2 years of Bedroom Practise he became a member of the Crew in the summer of ..99. Together with Noisy Stylus, DyNa won lots of DJ Titles in the ITF and the DMC. Known for his Beat Juggling Skills, he also got some recognition in the Solo Competitions. After striking the Battle Scene, DyNa started producing Beats and Scratch Compositions for Noisy Stylus and other projects. His latest release was the Noisy Stylus Album "Table Manners". In 2006 he discovered his love for electronic music and low frequencies. Now you can catch him spinnin.. DnB, Dubstep & Electro Tunes in his precise trademark mixing style.