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Dr. Ogni Jacquard



Dr. Ogni is well known for his enthusastic DJ-Sets & LIVE-Performances containing Tech-House, MINIMAL- and Electro-HOUSE .

Moreover he his worldwide highly respected for his performances and legendary mixing techniques in 70s funky dance and 80s wave & pop.

His DJ-skills have been witnessed in many national and international Clubs in Australia, USA, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany.

He is also known for enforcing his performances with Track-Variations from his long-year grown library of over 2000 personalised own Remixes.
His ability to act as both artistic- and service-providing DJ is a rather rare approach that appeals to different demands from Underground to Mainstream Club Managers.

Its simple as that: I do music for dancers and for a crowded dancefloor. [Jacquard]