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Donato Dozzy



Donato Dozzy:
Born in Rome, Donato Dozzy was fascinated by music even at an early age of childhood (by the age
of 13, he was already a vinyl junkie!) Over the past few years, Dozzy has been one of the chief characters at the Saturday night events at Brancaleone, one of Italy’s most celebrated clubs and a key promoter of underground music in Rome. He played a leading role at the microhouse night, together with some of the best DJs on the international scene, serving up DJ and laptop performances of great emotional impact, offering a microtrancey journey across the spectrum of electronic music.

As a producer, after his early work with the Kitchentools, Dozzy has released on Orangegroove, Lan Muzic and Rome-based Elettronica Romana (distributed by Neuton and Kompakt respectively). He currently resides in Berlin where he is channeling the city's colorful and vibrant energy into his own personal experience and seeking professional help for his old vinyl addiction.