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Martin Dolgener got an early start in music, crafting beats with a keytar and a ghetto blaster at the age of twelve. In the 90's he took it professional, designing sound for video games and other media. After pushing his sound experiments over the last two decades, he found his way into techno and began an already prolific career.

Since 2012 he's had nearly 30 releases, including multiple vinyl EPs. He's released on Freitag Ltd., Reloading, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Pragmatik, Frakture Audio, Teggno, Heaven to Hell, and more. He has become known for his trademark unpredictable, chaotic, heavy, dark, yet groove-soaked and clean sound.

In addition to consistent remixes for a diverse string of artists, Dolgener has an EP in the works for Detroit-based Dystopian Rhythm and a host of other projects on the way, including design work for several prominent labels. He is currently refining a live PA and preparing to take his show on the road.