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DJ W!ld



DJ W!ld:
Freshly arrived at Cocoon Booking, Circo Loco and DC10 resident, playing at festivals such as Burning Man festival (Nevada desert) or Fusion (Berlin countryside), alongside the biggest names in techno… You would think that Guillaume Duchastel de Montrouge, aka DJ W!LD, arrives like a tornado on the electronic music scene in 2010. But these last 2 years rather mark his comeback behind the decks, although already recognized as a producer or International DJ.

Elusive, unpredictable, Underground, DJ W!LD makes his way following his feelings and the ones he's meeting. Born in 1975, his journey into music starts in the 80's in French town Dijon, when already immersed in a world funk, disco, black, groovy, he is involved in the hip-hop or graffiti trends and street culture. He's already know as W!LD, a wink to the cult motion picture "Wild style", which draws the portrait of graffiti pioneers on a soundtrack of late 70's Hip Hop New Yorkers...