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Dj Valio



Were born in Romania from Braila in 1984 and both grown with 90's rave style.Perianu Valentin on real name in 2001 he started to listen progressive house music and become a fan of this new style.After many years of listining house music he started to mixing on first mix with tracktor and become a fan of this job.In 2008 after a lot experience stardet to mixing in club on his town and many parties make crowd happy.He discover 2008 his friend Daniel aka Danny F both fan of this style he stardet to create house music with a lot passion.After 2 years later they realesed the first song "A Feeling" with Music Taste Records and the second released "Getting Up" was in top 100 Dance Music Hub.They want to progress in the coming years.

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Khings Remixed



VÖ-Datum: 16.06.2016
Label: Sound On Sound
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25 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2