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Dj Liberty



Liberty was already one of the most popular DJ's in the 90’s and produced hit after hit with tracks like ‘Why’, ‘Seguro’ and many more now club-classics.
With ‘Seguro’ next to Belgium and Holland he also scored in Spain, where the track, after more than 10 years, still is one of the biggest retro classics. Due to the success Liberty even appeared on Spanish national television TVE getting over 2.000.000 viewers.
He also invented the famous concept ‘Real Retro House’, which still marks high sales. He is respansable for compiling the tracks and is the force behind the highly successful ‘Real Retro House Parties’. He was the man who gave "retro" an identity in the Belgian clubscene.

In his long career Liberty was amongst others a guest DJ in big clubs like Illusion (BE), Cap'tain (BE), La Loco / Moulin Rouge (Paris, FR), Fabrik (Madrid, ESP), Radikal (Toledo, ESP), Scorpia (Barcelona, ESP) and at events like City Parade (BE) and Beachland (BE).
He also worked as labelmanager for renown labels like Sony Music, Byte Records, Bonzai, Illusion and CNR Music.
Next to that he was responsible for compiling and mixing one of the most legendary jump compilations ever : ‘International Tuning Sounds’.

Since 2005 Liberty focusses on releasing harder tracks. After releasing some huge tracks, like ‘Luv Cums’, he released in in 2010 one of the biggest jumphits of the year : ‘Explode’.
This track appeared on a special Classix EP, together with 4 other big tunes : The mega hit 'Your Love', ‘Simplicity’, 'Drifting Away' and ‘Liquid Is Liquid’. Liberty is working on new tracks right now, one will be a collaboration with his big friend Lethal MG (very secret :-) so hush hush), and a few new tracks of his one, the first one being sung by his close friend William Buts (who sang Your Love), and another one sung by Filip Goormans. Keep an eye open for these tracks !

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Dj Liberty Classix EP

dj liberty

Classix EP

VÖ-Datum: 16.07.2011
Label: Kaktus Records
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