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Dj Kot



DJ KoT aka Jack-o '-Lantern
Began career of DJ in 1999 then started to write club music (before played Acid Jazz and Trip-Hop in various groups)
Since then has written more than 700 tracks.
Have published and have signed more than 60 releases on labels of the countries USA, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Albania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Kosovo, Georgia. Russia, Ukraine...

Release @ Virus Music, SK Supreme Records, Underground Records, Flavo Records, Original Records, Relax Recordings, Ak-Tek Records, Low Battery Recordings, Bistronica Recordings, SMD Records, Fragmatic Records, Revision Records, City Zen Digital, Freedom Recordings, Red Robot, Carica Records, Physical Gravity, Dirty Stuff, Substream, Tronic B7 Records, Minimal People, Black Leather, Pollux Records, Artefekz Music, Doktormusik, Tristor, JJ Records, Fat Line Music, Kurzstrecken Musik, Bombeatz Music, Kiss My Records, Bonzai Music, Nasimus Records, Nutempo, Silvana Records, Aeternum Records, Buldozer, Substudio, Re-Zone, Fabiiani, Technologica, 49 Records, Royal Tracks, CTS, 4Beat, Deep Control, Dark Sector, Tunguska ......