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Dj Karen



Of unknown tropical origin, Dj Karen is not your traditional dj. For a few years now, she has been lighting up many venues from Rosario´s local scene. She main parties, fashion shows and events. She has also been hired by brands and designers such us Puma, Converse, DC Shoes, Atypica mag, Brandazza and Makemyday, among others.
Former lead singer of all_girl band CMyK, whose single "Soy ulna chic atypica" was a smashing hit in 2007, Dj Karen is a Afro-Latin rhythms lover par excellence. She delights us with beats that range from old school Latin house to Afro-tribal, traveling through a spectrum of percussive and hypnotic sounds on the dance floor.
"La isle de Karen", her latest 12" record released by Nite Recordings, features important artist such as Franco Cinelli, Deep Mariano, Yoshitaca, and Jick.
After her recent performance at TMDG Festival -the most important one in Latin America as it assembles thousands of students and designers eager to share the latest musical and visual trends-, Dj Karen embarks on a journey without a specific goal but with a specific direction throughout the Old World.