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dj marky



dj marky:
Although only 28, DJ Marky is already a veritable superstar DJ in his homeland Brasil. Based in Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Brasil, Marky is well established as one of Brazilís biggest DJs and producer talents. DJ Marky began making a name for himself in the early 90ís pioneering the sounds of UK Drum & Bass/Jungle, appealing to lovers of dance music of all styles for his sheer artistry on a pair of Technics 1210ís. In 94/95 Jungle became popular in Brasil and DJ Marky emerged as one of Brasilís leading DJs of this new exciting scene. He stopped working at record shop, Up Dance Records, moving on to a high profile residency at the then legendary Toca club (rammed every week with 5000 clubbers, but now shut). Marky had radio shows on various stations both mainstream and underground, and his success at that time culminated in the mid-90ís with a massive drum & bass/jungle compilation released on UKís Suburban Base Records. Marky was awarded DJ of the year in Brasil in 95 and 96 and was runner up in 98. MTV Brasil immediately gave him a show, which highlighted the strength and reach of the scene he was a pioneer of. Today, DJ Marky is once again leading Brasilís club and dance music scene. He is currently resident DJ at the Bunker in Rio De Janeiro (Wednesdays) and at the fashionable Lov.e club in Sao Paulo (Thursdays) where he was talent spotted in Ď98 by UK jungle legend Bryan Gee and Bulldozer. Without hesitation they invited him back to the UK, fulfilling a lifelong dream to play in London (he is now a Movement International Resident (a Thursday weekly club night at Bar Rumba in London).