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Joey first started DJing around the Midlands area of the UK, playing drum & bass, jungle and break-beat. After 6 years of cutting it up, it was only natural that he moved on to making his own music, so without much hesitation he went out and bought himself an Atari (still used by Norman Cook!) and a copy of Cubase VST. With a ton of vinyl in hand, it was no time before Joey got to grips with the software and started producing deep, intelligent, jazz-infused tracks that would make even DJ Bukem proud. After a successful response from mates and family he decided more music making power was required. So he gradually built up his bedroom studio with 3 Akai samplers, Novation synth, analogue desk and a good old trusty bass station.

?I was buying vinyl on a regular basis from local record shops and places like Black Market, Uptown & Release the Groove in London, and one day my brother suggested that I set up my own record shop instead of wasting money on new vinyl and giving away and selling stuff that became quickly out of date - which with drum & bass - was normally a couple of months?. After much deliberation Joey decided to contact the Prince?s Youth Trust with the idea of setting up an on-line records shop and within 6 months Joey was up and running with Fat Grooves. The shop ran successfully for more than 3 years but fierce competition from the other big on-line retailers meant that sadly, the Fat Grooves era had to come to an end.

Luckily for Joey, running the business meant that he was constantly exposed to new material and from this he developed a passion for funky and soulful house music. ?Naturally I started playing this kind of stuff out which led me to obtain gigs at Miss Moneypennys, Passion's Red Room, The Lost weekend, Funkidori, and some local bars in Leicester?. It wasn?t long before Joey started writing his own funky style house tracks and as things moved pace so did his set-up: a full-blown DAW PC loaded with Cubase SX, Ableton Live and enough plug-ins and softsynths to allow him to obtain the sounds and mixes that he had always dreamed of.

Joey has recently paired up with lead vocalist Robina (EyeReel) who recently featured on a track by Richard Earnshaw. Joey has also joined forces with Stephen Anning, an extremely talented keyboard player who is making a great team-mate in the studio. We think Joey has a fantastic talent for writing soulful & laid back house music, and from what we?ve already heard, we are convinced that his tracks will earn him the recognition as a top-notch house producer.