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He was lead to electronic music around 1994.With a little help fromdj Uros umek and his father,who worked on a radio station he soon decidedhe wants to be a dj.Around year 1995 he had his first performace behind theturntables and got the opportunity to aprove his dj skills.He enteredinto the great world of Djing.In the year 1996 he moved to Wien ,where hestill lives.Through all this years dj Delano became a big name in Technoscene.He had gigs all round Europe and played with some great djs from electronicworld.Besides djing,he also works as a booking agent - he books djs for events and clubs all arround the world. More than ten years of DJ-ing experiences, ardent dedication, and a unique choice of music have modelled a DJ, who enjoys big respect and popularity at the Slovenia & Austria electronic music scene. He uses his technical skills to perfection, playing with mathematically structured techno sequences and moods, while hypnotising the audience with relentlessly driving percussive beats. For a change, he loves to shake them up with some groovy, harder Techno-House as well. For the past few years, Delano has been successfully building reputation as one of the most exciting Slovenia DJs by playing alongside some of today's most prominent world DJ's at major dance events and clubs in Ljubljana and Vienna of Slovenia , Europe among others at Docks Home (Torino),Space Night (Celje),Ambasada Gavioli (Izola),Biosphere (Vienna),Love Nation (Vienna),RaveNation (Vienna),Odiseya 2004 (Nova Gorica),Sziget Festival (Budapest),Mtv Valkana Beach (Pula),Fourt Bourguignon (Pula)Tech On Line Festival (Pula)Hyperspace (Budapest)Nightshift (Celje).......... He was Djing all around in the world:Love Parade - Wien 1999,2001- 2002Berlin 2000-Tel Aviv 1999Hyperspace - Budapest HungaryMtv Techno Awards Festival - Bodrum TurkeySeaworld Festival 2001 - Liezen AustriaSziget Festival 2004 -Budapest HungariaCocoon Tour Pascal Feos - Katowice PolandLauent Garnier Tour - Vienna AustriaRavenation - Vienna AustriaMillenium Night -Celje SloveniaAmbasada Gavioli - Izola SloveniaUltraschall - Vienna AustriaApokalypsa - Brno Cze rep.Budapest Parade 2002 - Budapest HungariaBiosphere - Vienna AustriaAll Clubs in:Croatia,Slovenia,Austria,Espana (ibiza,Hungary,Czerep,Poland,Holland,Brasil,Israel,Portugal,France,Slovakia,Serbia,BulgariaGreece,Italia and Romania..... SOON NEW BIOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!