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deep dish



deep dish:
Indisputably, it was "Junk Science"' that brought Washington D.C.'s Deep Dish into the glare of the world's spotlight. The ground breaking 1998 album saw music critics in virtual meltdown while they struggled for superlatives. Helped along by the success of shimmeringly sublime singles like" The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)"' (vocals courtesy of the lovely Tracey Thorn) and "Stranded", the album - a blistering mix of deep lush house, Chicago techno, jazz-tinged soul, soaring strings and moody atmospherics - was so diverse and unexpected that reviewers and record buyers alike were left gasping. Ingenious and bold, "Junk Science" was the surprise Album Of The Year. Although Deep Dish sprang from the flourishing deep house scene, with "Junk Science"' they managed to transcend genres, finding favor with music lovers of every like. The impact it had was instantly obvious, and Deep Dish's success at making records that sound as good on the radio or home stereo as they do on the dance floor has led many artists to follow them down the road of deeper musical innovation. n the ensuing post-Junk media fall-out Deep Dish's Midas touch continued with a spate of classic remixes - including Brother Brown, Gabrielle, Amber, Morel and Beth Orton - and Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi immediately became two of the most sought-after producers/remixers/DJs in the world. As the offers came pouring in, Ali and Sharam took great care to select choice projects, which reflected their taste for diversity and experimentation. Ever prolific, the pair now spend their valuable time as producers, remixers, DJs and recording artists, as well as finding time to run two record labels. t was a 1991 chance meeting at a party where they were both on deck duty that led the duo to set up Deep Dish records. By 1992 their production and DJing skills had already attracted the attention of Tribal records (for whom they appeared on the "Penetrate Deeper" compilation) and their DJ hero Danny Tenaglia. By 1995, and with an anthemic remix of De'Lacy's "Hideaway"' under their belt, the pair were riding on the crest of a deep house wave which was all set to make a huge splash across Europe. Following remixes for the likes of Carl Craig and collaborations with old school friend Brian "BT" Transeau, the name Deep Dish became synonymous with the flourishing deep house scene. It was in 1996 that they first began to lay down tracks for "Junk Science" the album which would turn them, almost overnight, into dance music superstars. "Stranded" became a worldwide dance floor hit and "The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)" even made it onto daytime radio and flirted with Europe's pop charts.

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