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Daytona Team



electro-minimal punk group, which is testimony to an abduction of sound, a total escape from reality, social nonconformity, merged with broken and repetitive rhythms, melodies and a lot of strength synthetic Live reaching brain overflow immersed in a subcutaneous catharsis. Abiding in Molina de Segura in Murcia via Mozambique.

Group formed in 1998 by juanjo and carrasco, starting as the duo playing raves throughout the Mediterranean area, Alicante and Murcia, organized by PAL and FMP (Free Minds Parties) from Alicante. Later he joined the group Gotxa DJ and MC Roger, the latter group as a singer. The success, the applause of the public and a summer of love and ecstasy ... encourages these kids to go out and play electronic music festivals such as Denia in 2001 MACMA Orihuela 2002 PHASE 0.5 Cartagena Festival in 2005, FUSION FESTIVAL LEIZPIG (Germany) 2005, LOVE SOUND FESTIVAL 2008 sharing the stage with Mark Broom, CRISTIAN WUNSCH Ken Ishii and the Japanese, and artists such as ASCII DISKO DJ Sidereal, PUTILATEX ...
Daytona has tokado rooms Ovuca as Alicante, Swing, Panoramix, Metro Dance Club, The luxe in Albacete, and in almost all techno clubs such as Murcia ON disc, THC, Fluid, MOSS, OCIO, CELESTE CLUB, Electrolove ( Reset), Mundaka Club, Elephunk, Loft, Sinfin up (ON), New garage Aunt Mary, The Seven Baobab ETC .... Badmusic raves in Ibiza, Pamplona and Murcia, the Collective of Electrical raves in the manga ITI in cartagena holidays etc

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