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David Hasert



"Cologne's DJ of the moment" (digitalmyass.com) David Hasert presents us his first release " You can't put your arms around a melody". Before even having heard the vinyl, the name of the track suggests in which kind of genre this release is to be placed - David's musical influences reach far beyond the general definition of "electronic music". In this case he has created a track, which reflects the dreamy, strangely beautiful romance of the big city, whithout blindly copying, but making use of it in order to create something new.

This described melodic and playful romance is continued on the B-Side with the tracks "Follow the light" & "Night train". The former track was produced in cooperation with Cologne's deep house legend, Pawas, implying LIKE's want to create Music, that connects generations.

Cross-generational. This term can also be used in order to describe the vocals on both tracks as they were recorded by David's aunt - Christiane Spruit. Eventhough her heart belongs to her various post punk and new wave bands back in the 80s, she still manages to gap the break to nowadays with an authentic and modern approach to singing. "Night train", as well as the other tracks on the vinyl can be characterized by their own kind of melancholy as well as having an analogue touch to it instead of making use of common and frivolous vocal house-loop samples.

A1 David Hasert - You cant pit your arms around a melody

B1 David Hasert & Pawas - Follow the light(feat.Christiane Spruit)
B2 David Hasert - Night train(feat.Christiane Spruit)

all tracks produced by David Hasert/ B1 produced by David Hasert & Pawas/ Lyrics
Mixing by Marian Müller(A1 & B3) & Pawas(B2) - Mastering by Emanuel Geller