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David Casal



David Casal is a Dj / Producer born in Cádiz ( South of Spain ) internationally recognized as DeiBeat for breakbeat productions.
He was resident of a club at only 16 and, at the same time, He start to make his own electronic rhythms. At the beginning he used to make and sell his own vinyls but in 1999 David released his first official publication.
David has internationally appreciated 12" publications like: " Hot like the Sun ", We Rock The Party, Time To Rock, Beat Troops, Cityliners.....
These tracks have been released by labels like: Ministry of Sound, Sony Music, Distinctive, N-mitty, Weekend Records, Bit Music, Vale Music, I-Breaks, Vive Music, Digital Bounds, Re:connect, Moving Target.....
Actually he has new base in Palma de Mallorca ( Balearic Islands - Spain ) where he is developing more avant-garde styles.