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Dave Seaman



Dave Seaman:
There are many DJs who have enjoyed many column inches for shaping the phenomenon that is modern club culture. For many of these individuals, it was a question of right time, right place. Talented yes; opportunistic, definitely - and just a little bit lucky. But there is another story to be told, of the second generation' DJs, those who were inspired by acid house, embraced its pivotal ethics, and helped develop it. Enter Dave Seaman - pioneering second generation DJ, but also oh, so much more. ave too, as he'd be first to admit, has had his fair share of lucky breaks. However, it takes special talent to take advantage of them the way he has. Yes, he effectively won his job with DJ organization DMC in a competition, and blagged the editorship of the fledging members' magazine Mixmag simply by being their youngest, hippest employee. But it was Dave who made the company fully aware of the impact of acid house and railroaded them into launching the magazine fully to the public. Single handedly he paved the way for the vast array of club mags currently doing the rounds.

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Funkagenda and Dave Seaman Mighty (d.ramirez rmx)

Funkagenda and dave seaman

Mighty (d.ramirez rmx)

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.