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Dani Sbert



Amateur to the electronica from the 8 years begin to play in the year 2003. His style, influenced by Techno, Hard Techno mixed to 3 decks in each one of his Sets private.since 2006 begins his professional career supported by IBIZAWEEKEND and YOU MAKE ME, was resident of the OFFICIAL SPACE IBIZA MALLORCA,TOUR In TITOS each thuesday of summer with all the resident artists of SPACE IBIZA, He plays in 3 CIRCOLOCO PARTYS in mallorca island,TITOS IN the Sundays,and has be played in all the island,in the best rooms... BCM,GOTHIC, MILLENIUM (BCM), TITOS, VICTORIA, ABRAXAS, GALLERY, BARRACUDA, MENTA,PALADIUM, FAMA CLUB,LA METRO,BABALU NEW CLASS,,FORO DE MALLORCA (SALA ECLIPSE),Q4 (THE END),REC CLUB (GONZO,LUXURY CLUB... and in festivals like IDF (inca divine festival) VILLAPARAISO,JAVIVI, VILLAPAJAROS(muro)... WORLD DANCE MUSIC santa ponsa beach 2007...
He has played with some of the most world famous djs and producers like: dave clarke,Locodice,ben sims,Josh Wink, Pier Bucci, Pascal Feos,Cristian Varela,Gaetano parisio,Alex Young,Kanio,Joseph Capriati,Dave clarke,eto & gab,rino cerrone,viper xxl,bassline smith.marco bailey, Mark Broom, Technasia, John Aquaviva, Tadeo, Iñaqui Marin, James Ruskin, Dj Pepo, Miss Jools,Autistic,Elia,pet duo,sabb,Umek,Uto Karem,Mathew Hoag,Hugo,Leandro Gamez. Martin Landsky, Vicenzo, Martin Buttrich, Give Ghenacia, Pepo Lanzoni, TakaakiItoh, Juanjo Martin, 3 Channels, Ortim cam, dig, damian lazarus, Fatima Hajji, Wally Lopez, David Love,marco lansi, Julio Navas, Fabrizio, Andrew Grant, Jose of Divine, Java, Raul Parra, Willie Graft, Cesar of the Rio,David Gausa, Jesse Garcia, Javi Cannus, Ian Carey, Jhonatan Ulysses, Oscar Colorado,Oscar Cano, David Moreno, Nano Vergel, Smoking Jo, Fernando Gullon, Jabato...
In 2007, he creates his own Promoter "WAVEMUSIC", which harvests numerous successes,filling rooms and carrying some artists invited like Pet Duo,Mark Broom,ken ishi,Danny Ocean,Micky Craven,Autistic,Elia,JLeyend,Toti Pereira,diego varea,edgar de ramon...
In this year 2009 He will begin his tour out of Mallorca:Florida 135 (huesca), clubzigrama (tarragona),la cova bcn, blau (bcn), matrixx (badajoz),dolce vita (almeria) etc
In 2008 begin his marches with the productions which can listen in this profile,his first ep on sale has been arrived up to number 50 of techno top 100 chart with workmate FRINK,his producing teacher.now he is making music for eklero, a2 level rec,LGM LABEL,tracer rec,lord music,audecks, malo records.. with artist as piatto,dandy e ugo,cardo,mike spaccavento,guido nemola,marco dassi,mikelove,re-axis,freeker 5,sami wentz,subfractal,alex dolby...
His current style is Minimal-techno in all of it..s variations and his Sets are the most harder always in his minimal style ,adapted always for people,

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robin hirte swag ep

robin hirte

swag ep

VÖ-Datum: 13.12.2012
Label: truth tracks
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