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The D-Formation story started when Rainer Wetenkamp and Uli Kramer met the first time together at a girlfriends House in 1995. They both recognized their love to electronic Music and decided to start producing techno tracks. Rainer already had a small studio with not very much equipment, Uli worked in a Discothek (Tunnel-Club /Bremen) and knew several DJ´s, Producers and more. At this time D-Formaton was born. After two years they had their first Release on a compilation Called ?spirit of summer?. After this release was following many Gigs in Düsseldorf (Noh Club), Dortmund (Factory) and other Discotheques. The success was nearly in their Hands as many unfortunately happenings forced them to put D-Formation on ice. But the project was never Dead. Rainer studied music siences ad the Middleessex Universtiy and Made his Bachelor honours in sound producing, Uli got married and worked in a big cell Phone company in a leadership position.Now it´s one year Ago that Rainer and Uli stated again and decided to bring it at it´s end.
D-Formation stands for a Trance/ Hardtrance Act with a typical strong Melody line, allthoug Rainer produces Tracks for other well known DJ´s as for example DJ Real (Kontor Records).