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Coni is a singer/ songwriter based in cologne, Germany. She started singing and performing at an early age. Though she always felt home in many genres, Coni has been releasing strictly electronic music so far. You can find her deeply touching vocals on many tracks from Chill Out2 Electronica2DeepHouse2Tech2Progressive House.
latest Releases:
2010 - Roumble for Loa (with Sarp Yilmaz/ Clubstream Label )
2010 - EP Gott ist tot/ Restart ( w. OJOJOJ / Doppelgänger Records )
2011 - Better Days ( w. Sarp Yilmaz/ Wasabi Recordings )
2011 - Goodbye ( w. Hakan Ludvigson/ Clubstream Label)
2012 - Satellite ( w. Esemdi / Be My Girl Records
2012 - Kajal (w. Sarp Yilmaz/ Macit K. / Apparel Music )
2012 - Prophet Style (w. Leon / VIVa MUSiC )
2012 - Darkness ( w.Hakan Ludvigson/PurePureMusicVinyl
2012 - Denk An Dich (w. Esemdi/ Esemtrax)
2012- Siehst Du Nicht ( w. Worakls/ Silberschwein Music)

here a few descriptions through the public eye:

- featuring the soothing voice of Coni ( IheartElectronic Blog on "Roumble for Loa")

- with a fantastic, dark vocal by German singer Coni that reminds of Bjork or work of Massive Attack (Clubstream Green Label on "Roumble for Loa")

- reinforced by sexy female vocals. "Goodbye" (feat. Vocalist Conni Soddemann) reminds me a bit of everything but the girl, but in a more dubstep style (Side-Line Music Magazin on " Goodbye")

- a magical vibe infused by Coni’s characteristic voice (Clubsream Green Label on " Goodbye")

- Coni with her excellent vocals adds depth and extra charge of emotion in ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Darkness’ (Reflections of Darkness Blog)