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citizen kain



citizen kain
Starting out in 2006 and at the begining a duo, Citizen Kain soon found themselves
catapulted into the midst of the international scene. Initially releasing on the Barcelona
label Regular, they were signed for several EPs delivering a quality Electro Techno feel
before releasing their first album «Body Bombshell » in 2007.
It wasnít until 2008 when their style began to evolve and gravitate towards a techno vibe
that they really began to make the headlines. With the release of their hit
« Doppelgänger » on MBF, they enjoyed playlisting across the techno community with
the single finding its way through dancefloors all over the world. This was followed by
several EPs on labels such as Killabeat, Malatoid, and Harthouse.
In 2009, after several releases on MBF and Playmobil, Chris left the band for
professional reasons and Bruno who still had been the leader of Citizen Kain continues
alone the project. He left the studio with the first two releases on his own label under his
belt and built its reputation rapidly by signing up remix talent from the likes of
international artists such as Pfirter, Pablo Bolivar, Abnormal Boyz, and Uto Karem as
well as the best of emerging talent including Hans Bouffmyhre or Spartaque.
His releases enjoy regular support from artists such as Richie Hawtin, dubfire,
Monika Kruse, Felix Krocher, len faki, Slam, Tomcraft, joseph capriati, ahmet sendil,
Mihalis Safras, Martin Eyerer, Agoria, Chris Fortier or John Acquaviva ... to named a few ...
Today, Citizen Kainís music consistently demonstrates a respect for purist techno with
powerful, chunky beats carefully arranged with energetic percussion and haunting melodies.
The entertaining performances and infectious energy during his sets leaves no dancefloor unturned !
Constantly in the studio, we can expect numerous releases in the months to come ...

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Citizen Kain Low Blow

citizen kain

Low Blow

VÖ-Datum: 27.07.2016
Label: blufin
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Citizen Kain & Kiko Meantime

citizen kain & Kiko


VÖ-Datum: 17.06.2016
Label: Noir Music
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