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Chicane is the artist name for British songwriter and producer Nick Bracegirdle, who first attracted attention under the name Disco Citizens with the Top 40 UK hit "Right Here Right Now" in 1995. Changing his alias to Chicane, he reached the British Top 20 in late 1996 with "Offshore." He later enlisted Clannad's Maire Brennan for a remake of their 1982 hit "Theme From Harry's Game" under the title "Saltwater", which reached the UK Top Ten and became an international hit.

In any other language apart from Chicane-speak, Nick Bracegirdle is Chicane. He is from Chalfont St Giles and likes to snowboard and drive insanely fast Ė within the constraints of the law, of course! For a man addicted to some hair raising pursuits, itís a more chilled side of his character that has brought him notoriety; he has written and produced some of the most enduring and haunting trance tunes of the last decade; Offshore, Halcyon, Donít Give Up, Stoned in Love, Saltwater, Middledistancerunner.

Pushing the concept of Chicane can sometimes feel to his fans, a strange thing to do, (if it ainít broke donít fix it, right!) but for Nick this is an obsession. "Slowly, I learned that I was Chicane, and what I brought to any song, or project, was to put my coat, if you like, over itís shoulders". The idea of repetition does not sit easily with Nick. When Donít Give Up first appeared, I remember seeing the band at a London show, there was a stonewall refusal to dance, six months later the track was a Chicane anthem.

The last album Giants was descended from, but not related to, the Chicane of old; it was blessed with the unmistakable Chicane sound. The lead single from the album featured Adam Young from Owl City on Middledistancerunner. Indeed, collaborations are something that Chicane is known for. Sir Tom Jones, Bryan Adams, Natasha Bedingfield, Adam Young, are a few of the very diverse people that have worked with Chicane, hopefully the list will keep on growing.. Indeed, the latest single, Going Deep, features Aggi Dukes, who himself is no stranger to stepping out of his genre, and is one of Londonís hotly prized rappers.

Nick is currently taking a studio Ďholidayí recording the new album for release late summer. There are sporadic live shows and DJ sets leading up to the release and then a tour Ė see the schedule section. The single ĎOne Thousand Sunsí Soundprank vocal edit featuring Christian Burns dropped on May 26th, to plenty of positive vibes, and radio play.

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chicane offshore 97 (original extended)


offshore 97 (original extended)

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