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Young person dj producing, of chab begin the mix in 2004. his style is rather vague, it tilts to tones HOUSE, DEEP, TECHNO 19 years, first residence on Nancy, enchaine the regional clubs and happens a name quickly... His(her,its) influences are diverse but turn(shoot) essentially to artists such que:TEKEL, CEBB, NHAR, BASTIEN GRINE, CHRISTAIN KLOPPEL, TEA HACKER, VITALICS, EXTRAWELT, DAVID CARRETA to quote only them... He(it) has was also able to share the scene(stage) with diverse artists Among whom nottament BEAUTY QUEEN AIRIE, NICOLAS CUER, NICO RENO, DOLBY D, FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY POOKS, SHADE, DILEM, JOHN MODENA.... He(it) imposes his(its) style on the dancefloors which do not remain indifferent has his(her,its) ease behind the platinums(decks)... We have was able to cross him(it) in renowned clubs of the region such as THE YAKA, THE ICE club, DEPRIVES HIM(IT), THE RED VILLA, THE CO2, THE SPHERE.... He signs his first EP on the label QUADRANT RECORDING, the other tracks is in progress, an evolution has to follow....