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Cerrone is a multi-profile musician with an extraordinary fate. Drummer, composer, producer and creator of huge shows, he has sold in excess of 30 millions copies worldwide, won a dozen of awards including 5 US awards and was voted Best Producer Of The Year Golden Globe. Crowned ‘King of the Dancefloors’, he is one of the originators of ‘disco music’ also known throughout the years as dance music, techno, house, groove, garage and electro.

Acknowledged by the music professionals as being one of the most influent artists of the 70’s Cerrone helped spread French music’s aura all over the world, whilst being a reference for the ‘French Touch‘, especially in the U.S.A.
Today, Cerrone’s music is still resonating on the dancefloors, being a sure value for DJs and making the ‘nightclubbers’ dance all over the world. Covered or sampled, the ‘Cerrone sound’ is more than ever up-to-date. From Europe to U.S.A. and Asia to Australia, his footprint over a number of generations is proven by his numerous collaborations with international artists such as Daft Punk, Modjo, Bob Sinclar, Lionel richie, Paul McCartney, Pink, Groove Armada... and many more.

Most impressive is Cerrone’s savoir-faire in conceiving huge and spectacular concerts that gather hundreds of thousands people worldwide. The 2005 Dance Party Live à Versailles, a huge concert in front of the famous Château de Versailles with more than 100,000 party-goers ; the Hysteria Party à l’Olympia in 2003, that took place at Paris’ mythical concert hall and was transformed for the occasion into the largest dancefloor of Paris; the Los Angeles Millennium Celebration in 2000, that was commisioned by the city of Los Angeles and which led Cerrone to perform the second Millennium night show on the West Hollywood Hills.

The secret of such a long career lies in CERRONE’s ability to break through the barriers of generations.