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Bryce like many a good DJ started his career as a resident DJ, due to his professionalism and entertainer qualities he secured Resident jobs in some of the top addresses.

Bryce is a real all-rounder, he has learnt and perfected his craft over many years as a resident and feels comfortable playing commercial events and club events, his command of the microphone is also not to be overheard or overseen.

His debut release “Es Geht Voran” released via Uptunes performed very well in various dance charts, and broke the ice for his start as an international booking DJ.

Summer 2009 and Bryce joins forces with the international DJ Shaun Baker, the single “Blame It On The Summer” a good feeling commercial track landed in the top 10 German Dance Charts

The story continues with the US Rapper/MC Jesse Al-Malik known throughout the World as one of the members of the legendary Furious 5 (Grandmaster Flash) and together with Gerald G from the Terri B Project a new Hit entitled “Dance” is unleashed, not only did this track hit very high positions in the dance charts, it spent 11 weeks at the No.1 position in the Viva Club Rotation Charts.
To date “Dance” is still being played as surefire dance floor filler.

For the latest single “Dance With Me” Bryce has enrolled the talents of Carlprit.
Carlprit can be heard performing on the international massive hit from Cascada “Evacuate TheDancefloor”.

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Coco Bryce Cold As Ice

Coco bryce

Cold As Ice

Release date: 19.05.2015
Label: Myor Records
  • 7" Vinyl
    7" Vinyl
  • Funk
  • ROMY02
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