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Dennis “Bonebreaker” Bohn (39) is the producer of Germany’s favourite dance icons Brooklyn Bounce. He has produced such hits as: “Get Ready To Bounce”, “Loud & Proud”, “Bass, Beats & Melody”, “Crazy”, which combined have sold over 3 million singles since 1996! He is regarded as one of the most important people in the German dance music scene. Brooklyn Bounce’s great push into the limelight returned in 2000 with “Bass, Beats & Melody” which climbed to #3 on the dance charts and their fourth LP “Restart” were a wonderful climax to an exceptional production career. A career, that of course still goes on today. Singles like “Crazy“,“X2X”, “Sex, Bass & Rock n’ Roll” and also the Album “X-pect the Un-X-PECTED” continued the success story. The onset of the digital age and the change of the music industry did not stop his output.

In 2008, he re-released “The Theme Recall ‘08” and “Get Ready To Bounce Recall 08” very successfully on his own label, mental madness Records, which was formed in 2002. 2009 followed a co-operation with the sample rippers aka DJ picco & Paul Hutch “Louder & Prouder” that topped all the dance-charts around the globe. In 2010, the singles “Bass, Beats and Melody Reloaded” & “Club Bizarre” together with DJs from Mars were released. All these tracks built the foundation for the album “BB-Styles” that was released at the end of the year in Germany and a few other countries to be continued worldwide. It also included 5 brand-new tracks. This LP shows the potential of producer / songwriter Bohn for the past, present and future.

For his work with Brooklyn Bounce, Bohn had been rewarded with one nomination for a VIVA TV COMET, an award, presented by Germany’s major music television channel. Brooklyn Bounce had also been shortlisted twice for the ECHO, Germany’s biggest music prize. Bohn is a Multi-talented person. And to him, music is the most important thing in his life. As a producer, he learned everything about sound and recording; as a former A&R man in a music publishing company. Bohn was responsible for signing Grammy nominee Mousse T.

As a DJ he has an excellent image worldwide in all the top hot spots. Fusing trance, techno, hard house, Hardstyle, hands-up or even house and electro, he is known as ultra tough, loud, edgy, but still mellow and groovy, which is the Brooklyn Bounce Style at its best!

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dj's @ work (FRESHLY REPRESSED) time to wonder *brooklyn bounce remix*


time to wonder *brooklyn bounce remix*

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