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Boris Naumann



In over 8 years of DJ experience Boris Naumann has made thousands of people dance in Germany and abroad. The audience already celebrated to his distinctive sounds at huge events, such as ?Ruhr in Love? and ?Nature One?.

The dance music which is being mixed by Boris is fast, dark and hard but also contains a certain fun factor. In the early beginning of his career Boris Naumann had been mixing songs from other music genres as well as pieces from movies or short videos into his sets. This stylistic device has become his trademark now.

In only a short time his 80?s, 90?s and carnival-specials as well as the annual USB-Camp sets of the camping village of Nature One have attained cult status in the scene. Fans can?t stop listening to these sounds. Boris?s sets and self-produced tracks always hit No.1 in the download-charts on websites like ?nightgen.com?.

Boris wants to design his sets thrilling and present the audience with the best possible result. This is why he started to mix his tracks exclusively using CD players since 2009. That way he always publishes cutting-edge and varied music.

Boris Naumann enjoys DJ-ing and this feeling makes the spark jump to the audience. Everybody should take the chance and visit a live-set of Boris. Once you?ve listened to it, you will never forget the music again.

Some clubs Boris already played at:

Pydna / Kastellaun (Nature One)
Olgapark / Oberhausen (Ruhr in Love)
K2 / Budapest (Hungary)
Rector / Gent (Belgium)
Club Simfonija / Planina pri Uncu (Slovenia)
Party Center 4km / Sofia (Bulgaria)
Dom Im Berg / Graz (Austria)
P.P.C. / Graz (Austria)
Area 51 / Vienna (Austria)
U60311 / Frankfurt am Main
U-Bar (U60311) / Frankfurt am Main
Fusion / Munster
Butan / Wuppertal
Subsoil / Sandsteinholen Halberstadt
Soap Club / Hanover
Kuper in Melstrup / Lathen
Weststadtbar / Darmstadt
getaway / Solingen
Strobe-Club / Munich
Kuhlhouse / Bremerhaven
Memory / Oberwesel
Triebwerk / Dresden
Lagerhaus / Mannheim
WH1 (Ex-X-side) / Dresden

Boris already played with DJs like:

Chris Liebing, Bad Boy Bill, Anthony Rother, Takkyu Ishino, PetDuo, Frank Kvitta, Sven Wittekind, DJ Amok, O.B.I., Felix Krocher, Viper XXL, Arkus P., Matt M Maddox, Sandy Warez, Frank Sonic, Mario Ranieri, Kaoz, Waldhaus, Weichentechnikk, Linda Pearl, Carla Blank, Ingo Boss, Hooligan, Azzido da Bass, Marco Reveller, Bazz-Dee, Monsieur K, Mhonolog, Overdog aka Overdoxx, DJ Ocram, Robert Natus, Fatality, Pablo Ramirez, KWeicho, Redima, P.Styles, DJ MinuPren, Plan E, S.Ewe, Brachiale Musikgestalter, Nitram, Spark, Moddi, Zina & Mandy, MP-Nuts, Martin Heyder, Man at Arms, Brixton, Sorgenkint, Tom Novy, Disco Dice, Dirty Princess, Nathalie de Borah .. and many more