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Bonsugi aka Marco Velo was born in 1978 in a village in the province of Padua. By the age of 17 years working as a record producer has collaborated with many Italian and European artists. Between the late 90's and early 2000, he signed a lot of dance productions, releases under various labels, including ZYX (DE) and NIKA (SLO). He worked for a time with the label Bliss.co famous for being the label of Eiffell 65, releasing 3 singles. Bonsugi Since 2005, he founded his own label, DPFactory. In these years he has worked in many projects including the project Chitlom BTS. In 2006 he released a single raggaetton "8 Ball C - El Bom Bom" produced in collaboration with Ottomix and released on Universal Music France. In 2008 he created the music for the promotional video of an important Italian company in the field of bicycles. Since 2008 the project Bonsugi is stopped, but now is back again the desire to play music that distinguished him in recent years.