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blutonium boy



Dirk Adamiak is a Hardstyle producer/label owner/DJ from Germany. His story has been an amazing rollercoaster adventure for over twenty-six years. He started his career as DJ Session One in 1986 in a very small city in Southern Germany. Now he has become one of the most respected Hard Dance DJs in the world with more than 200 releases on his legendary label blutonium Records, and over twenty-five chart entries in several countries with his compilation row “Blutonium Presents: Hardstyle (EMI)”, he has become a legendary club name. He also has achieved an astonishing feat. His name has been featured on a combined seventeen million compilations and records sold worldwide throughout his twenty years of producing.

Since 2003, he has collaborated with artists like headhunterz, daniele mondello, pavo, Luna, Max B. Grant, Warmduscher, DJ Virus, John Ferris, Thomas Trouble, Flarup, and Yoji Biomehanika. Blutonium Boy has showcased his talent to fans all over the planet at the world’s most prominent nightclubs and events and has performed for companies like ID&T, Q-Dance, Insomniac, Ministry Of Sound, Art of Dance, UDC, Bionic Events and many more.

There is no major metropolitan city left where Blutonium Boy has not performed and taken over the crowd by storm, Music is and will always be his first love. Because of his hard work and dedication, it is safe to say that he is responsible for a huge part in the development of the international Hard Dance music scene.

In 2010, Blutonium Boy officially announced that he would take a break. In reality, he was fighting against a cancerous tumor on top of his right kidney. In December 2012, Blutonium Boy launched his official fan page on Facebook and made it public, that he won the fight against this tumor. At same time he started to work on his comeback and within two months, more than 20,000 people liked his fan page. Artists within the scene started immediately to support him again.
During his break, Blutonium Media Germany did not cease operation. It began programming a music social network, especially made for labels, called BluPile.com.
Now he is back with a refreshed image and we can look forward to what this pioneer of the Harder Styles will do next!

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blutonium boy

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