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Ben Teufel



The Nuremberg-born Ben Teufel has always had a great passion for music! With electronic music was beginning to have relatively little to do! Rock and Heavy Metal music was influential in his life! As skateboarders at this time is not very surprising! With 18 years he collected his first experiences with technology in a small club called Market (RIP)! Progressive / Tribal Techno was time for the sound of the dance floor rocking! Names such as Ben Sims, Jeff Mills, Asia Tech, Joey Beltram, etc ... had great influence on the Nuremberg! Of course had the same first turntables and a mixer to buy! From now on, he spent most of the time sheets at the turn! From the moment it was clear where the journey should lead! After the first few years with hard techno on the plates, developed the flavor of Ben more and more towards electro and minimal techno, where he now feels at home! Since then a studio was built, it is not only still at the mixing boards, but also worked hard on his development as a producer! Artists such as O. Huntemann man, Super Flu, S. Bodzin, Radio Slave, M. Romboy, Piedmont, etc ... are currently a major inspiration for Ben! Since he is also very open-minded for all kinds of electronic music can be in any new production from its "spring" expect the unexpected!
After the first digital publications and bookings in 2008, for 2009 is already a lot planned! We must therefore curious as to what will happen!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.