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DJ BeatBreaker not only plays the music you want to hear in the club, he is often the one who creates the very mixes that get the crowd in a frenzy. Based out of New York City, BeatBreaker is especially renown for his signature remixes and mash-ups; played in clubs and on the radio by DJs all over the world his artistry has earned him a fan base that stretches across the globe.

Born and raised in New York, BeatBreaker had all the most cutting-edge influences right in his backyard – and on the airwaves. Listening to radio day and night triggered his obsession with the greatest DJs of the past decade. BeatBreaker’s path led him straight into the club scene and by the age of 19, trendsetting NYC dance club, DNA, invited BeatBreaker to do a DJ residency. Once he got a taste of the club energy he knew he had found his calling.

A year later DJs Riz and Sizzahandz invited BeatBreaker to join their world-famous website, Crooklynclan. Thousands of DJs from all over the world were buying BeatBreaker’s signature mixes and his reputation sky-rocketed along with the demand for his service. In a few months BeatBreaker became the #1 DJ on Crooklynclan – the biggest website in the DJ world.

The past five years have kept BeatBreaker very busy. Shanghai, Taipai, Germany, Switzerland, Miami, Chicago, LA and Vegas, this New York City boy has exploded into the international club scene with an unmatched fury. From clubs in China to the US, he has catered to a variety of different crowds and those with an appreciation for the finer nuances in DJ styles. In Asia, BeatBreaker is not only a sought-after performer, but a celebrity in his own right, drawing a crowd of thousands in packed venues.

BeatBreaker’s tracks have been supported by other big-name, established DJs like Steve Aoki, Chuckie, Laidback Luke, Lil’ Jon and Clinton Sparks. BeatBreaker has caught the attention of those who have an ear for fresh talent and a nose for a crowd-pleaser.

As of late, you can find him making waves as a resident DJ on one of the top radio stations in the New York area, 92.3 NOW-FM which hits over 15 million people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Not one to rest on his laurels, BeatBreaker makes time as a resident DJ on internet radio service GOOM which attracts millions of listeners online from around the globe. When he’s not mashing things up stateside he’s heading off to Singapore and Taipei as resident DJ of two of the most famous clubs (Filter and Spark) in Asia.

Known for his famous and distinctive mash-ups combined with his effortless ability to fuse House and Hip-hop, you literally cannot step into a club without hearing a BeatBreaker remix. Nor can you turn on a radio with hearing the characteristic BeatBreaker sound. Known as the “DJs’ DJ” BeatBreaker has a stellar career ahead of him. Get ready for his self-produced original BeatBreaker mixes fresh for 2012 and guaranteed to blow you away.

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