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Balkansky aka Cooh has stepped up to the dubplate to bring 3 solid percussive morsels to pleasure your ears.

Known for his hard hitting dnb with outputs on Position Chrome, Offkey and Subsistenz that have gained him so much credos in dnb has now turned his skills and unique energy to one of his main loves Dubstep. We are proud to bring you his first ever solo vinyl release on Subtrakt..s first solo output from a producer that continues to create tracks that push boundaries and set bench marks were ever he applies his craft.

Hipnoza: We have been rinsing this track at Subdivision HQ now for nearly 3 months and it's about time that we share this quirky slab of dubmanship. A real peak time monster of a track full of tight grooves and infectious rhythms that highlight what Balkansky is all about.

United keeps up the pressure with a true nodder, beating out solid grooves enhanced by lucid FX and rolling vocals that cut away from the groove creating depth and movement. Another must have number for any dubstep box. Hitroza closes the deal with the beautiful Hitroza; again Balkansky captures the mood and then kills it with his stealth edged drums leaving room for the bass to do its worst whilst letting the cheeky synths skank breath in and out of the grooves.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.