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Bakermat, an alias for young dutch producer Lodewijk Fluttert, had a quick rise. In just three months he gained a lot of views, likes and followers with his productions. He always had an obsession with music, in many genres. The young Bakermat was into jazz and blues at a young age and discovered house music when he was around 12. By fanatically listening to every track that was posted on blogspots he soon had a huge library built up. At the age of 18, he went to the University of Utrecht to study Psychology and to finally live on his own with other students. It was Utrecht that made him discover deep house and producing.

His new sound is not only a pleasure to hear it has also captured the hearts of people all around the world. His breakthrough production ‘Zomer’ reached thousands of views on YouTube only in the first weeks of its release. After which the popularity of Bakermat only kept rising and his unique instrumental deephouse sound has marked the music industry. His unforgettable sound creates a big smile on the faces from people of all ages.

The past 6 months Bakermat was busy doing shows all over Europe. Bringing his unique sound to people in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. To give his shows a special touch, Bakermat plays live on stage with his own saxophonist Ben Rodenburg. Together they spend days and nights in the studio working on their fantastic sound. This dynamic duo brings an amazing show you will never forget.

The last months Bakermat released a variety of tracks called ‘Vandaag’, ‘Intro’, ‘Leven’ and many more. Not only the audience completely fell in love with all of his tracks, well- known DJ’s expressed their support such as DJ’s like Klangkarussell, Nico Pusch and Alle Farben.

Bakermat’s talent, success and popularity did not go unnoticed, as result music labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music Group and EMI were very eager to release his track. Together with BeYourself Music we created our musical vision with the first big milestone spring 2013 when Bakermat will release his first album.

With a year left in Psychology study in Utrecht and with over 111.000 likes on Facebook in a couple months Bakermat looks ahead for a bright future. If life couldn’t get any greater for him, we just confirmed a series of prestigious festival all around Europe for this summer. So we’ll see you definitely around!