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Thomas Feriero aka Avatism is a Milan-based producer who apparently spent last year behind closed doors locked to a computer and sound gear to make his debut album Adamant out now on Vakant. He first came to attention in 2011 with EPs on Dumb Unit, Souvenir and Haunt. His full length work includes appearances of collaborators as Clockwork, Mind Against and London-based producer Forrest. Minimal techno, abstract electronic, bassy, melodic. all combined to create a deep, mysterious, penetrating sound.

Thomas did not buy his first vinyl record when he was 10 years old, nor was he born out of the love of two underground jazz musicians. Despite an extremely dull and standard childhood during which he barely learned to play the drums, his moody small-room music has been released on labels such as Vakant, Dumb-Unit and Haunt.

Much to everyone’s surprise, his recent releases, doom-laced live sets and collaborations have lead him to rise to similar popularity to artists with more interesting biographies.