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Aroy Dee



Amsterdam own local house legend! Since late eighties Aroy Dee has been digging and pushing underground dance music as a DJ, musician and label-owner. As a producer he is known for numerous releases on his own imprints M>O>S recordings and MOS_deep, as well as releases on labels such as Rushhour, Delsin, NWAQ and New Religion.

Recently Aroy Dee collaborates with his comrades Marco Spaventi and G-String in R-A-G, a band celebrating analogue technology in creating pure, honest and raw housemusic. This year R-A-G released itʼs second record on MOS_deep and did several live shows.

It was a cosmic necessity that Melvin Oliphant aka Traxx and Aroy Dee, two forces driven by deepness and beauty of house music would collide. During a short stay in Amsterdam in 2007 Traxx and Aroy Dee decided to collaborate on expanding the realm of M>O>S. Numerous overseas releases followed on M>O>S, starting of with X/X2- Solara/Photon, being followed by records of 2AM/FM with desolate cities and recently Dʼmarc Cantu with his Set Free project. Also in the future new projects are being planned.

Also many other artists who earned their credits in producing tearjerking and mysterious electronic music, like Newworldaquarium, Chicago Skyway, Morphosis and Legowelt found there way to the M>O>S headquarters in Amsterdam.

Aroy has been running his M>O>S imprint for many years now, holding up the flag for deep and raw Detroit-style techno on the Dutch west coast.
Artists who have appeared on M>O>S include Morphosis, Legowelt, Gerd, D'Marc Cantu, yet Aroy Dee himself has been responsible for most of his label's output. His productions - also as part of the R-A-G crew together with G-String and Marco Spaventi - have further been released on Rush Hour, Delsin and NWAQ and have consistently been exploring the field between deep and drifting techno and the jacking analogue house the Netherlands have become famous for Aroy Dee's podcast features both US and European, classic and contemporary interpretations of his particular style of house music.

As a DJ Aroy Dee doesnʼt feel restrained to a single style of music, but finds emotional overlaps in a diversity of styles and records, ranging from Chicago House, Italo Disco, New wave, Detroit techno, Prince and Krautrock to name a few. The fact if a record just came out or is 30 years old doesnʼt play a role in his sets, a good record simply always keep itʼs relevance.

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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.