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arkus p



As a technical interested young guy, Peter started to buy hardware stuff and lots of records. This special interest in hardware will pay off some years later... Not for nothing he will be announced some years later as best liveact in one of the most popular electronic music magazines!

First success

2001 Arkus P. released his first record on Schubfaktor Records. The record was played by numerous djs, for example by DJ Rush at the Nature One festival, and can still be found in a vast quantity of DJ-mixes. His tracks were significantly involved in paving the way for Hardtechno music in Germany! Then he got to know his friends Sven Wittekind and Sven Schaller, who picked him up into his agency ABSTRACT. So the name of his new family was ABSTRACT! Until late 2004, the amount of releases has risen to more than 30 including labels such as Highball, Definition, Artillery and various other important record companies. Gigs all over Europe as well as in different parts of Germany consequently followed and furthermore, many gigs in overseas were about to come. Then he started to produce together with his new colleague Robert Natus. The creativity of the two characters flew into the new made tracks... and the result of their hard work together was a track called "Hardcore Salsa" . At this time they didn't know that this track would change their lives...