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Aren Suarez



Aren Suarez was born in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) started very young in the music world. With 9 years he became interested in the Technics turntables and DJ world, after 3 years of dreams and hopes for a DJ has given the table in his first CDJ without a single idea how to use them.
He began practicing at home for a long time, until he started playing at parties for friends and private parties underground, where his name was already beginning to be heard throughout the island (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) in the mouth of many.
At 19 he became interested in the world of production will cause several tracks, but never see the light.

He also started playing at clubs and discos of the island, as the factory, Che K-Club, Moon, Space Biosphere (Aqua, to date), The Bank (La Tropical, for today ), 928 Dance Club, Nikki Beach, Moon Bar .... and a hundred festivals in Lanzarote.

Statewide, insular Rooms:
Disco Big Ben (Tenerife), Disco Star (G. Canaria) and Piccadelly (G. Canaria).

A national state level:
Mogambo Club (Valencia)

He has shared booth with artists such as:
UNER, Hector Couto, David Ferrer, DJ Char D, Victor Polo, Sanchez Action, Robert Palmer, Raul Rubio, Undercolors, etc ..........

Today, many sell their music in digital stores network, some stamps for working are:

Dance Lab Recordings
Housepital Records
Get In Shape
Tantrum Logo
Chola Records
Sex Music
Infected Recordings
and many more ...........

Sometimes edited his works in collections, alongside the likes of:

Nu Disco
Dr Kucho
Angelo Ferreri
and many more ........................

Little to say about this artist, has no default style when producing as you can hear on your profile, but when you DJ in theaters, clubs and festivals their styles are:

Remixes Or Events Contact:

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Various Artists Nothing But... Deep House Groovers, Vol. 1

Various Artists

Nothing But... Deep House Groovers, Vol. 1

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Label: Nothing But
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42 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2 3